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A premium gateway service for European merchants that also offers APMs and card acquiring


  • European support
  • Local payments APMs
  • Credit Card Acquiring
  • Chargeback management
  • Reporting suite
  • Gateway Services


  • Available Only in MENA
  • Some setup and monthly fees


Solidgate's unified API allows any online business to streamline its payment infrastructure with a secure, highly adaptable, and all-in-one solution. They offer global coverage and hundreds of alternative payment methods for an enhanced user experience.


Card Acquiring

Solidgate offers card acquiring services to merchants located in the EU or EAA regions. They work with 6 different acquirers and have a unique system which routes transactions based on the location of the consumer, in an effort to improve approval rates.

They also offer pre-built checkout pages with translations for their acquiring clients.

Alternate Payment Methods (APMs)

With over 100 alternative payment methods in one place (GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal, Klarna, Alipay, etc…), you can make it easy for customers across the world to buy goods and services from your company. Not only will this increase trust and loyalty, but customers will feel familiar when they make payments with options they’re accustomed to using. By offering more payment flexibility, you can open up new markets which weren’t previously accessible and drive sales as a result. Utilizing this innovative technology could be the key ingredient to taking your business international!

Chargeback Management

One of the key solutions offered by Solidgate is their chargeback management service;
Chargeback hit:

  • Prevent:
    Allows merchants to reduce disputes and save revenues.
  • Resolve:
    Resolves disputes through automated refunding systems directly integrated with the card associations.
  • Recover:
    Chargeback representment system used to recover funds on issued chargebacks.

Final Word

Solidgate is an excellent choice for European merchants who are looking for high-performing tech, unique acquiring and APM solutions, and advanced chargeback reduction tools.

They are definitely our top choice in the European market.