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Meet MAC!

Merchant Account Comparison (MAC for short) helps businesses find the right merchant account provider for their specific needs, by using a combination of AI and long-time industry experience.

Having been in merchant services for almost 30 years we knew just how hard it was for business to find the right, trust-worty merchant account partner.

MAC has been created to use proprietary AI-based methodology to wade through a vast ocean of merchant services providers, to help our clients find the perfect solution for their business.

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“Businesses can now get an accurate recommendation on which merchant account will best fit their needs in less than 5 minutes.“

Our recommendations are based on many factors including industry type, location, size and experience. With a variety of different account providers, we are confident that MAC can provide the solution to your merchant account needs.

And, of course, there are also detailed profiles on merchant account providers if you wish to leave the AI out of it, and do the research for yourself.

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