Prints Charming

Fingerprint-based biometrics are gaining popularity and are another step in safeguarding consumers from fraud and merchants from chargebacks.

You may have already seen it, as it's been popping up around France, Poland and UAE — credit cards that have a space where the user places their fingertip so the card can scan their fingerprint. Like using your smartphone to scan your face when you log in to banking and other apps, biometric fingerprint authentication adds a layer of security while streamlining the user experience.

BNP Paribas is considered the first to pull off a large-scale launch of the nifty technology since the concept was first made widespread with the Apple iPhone 5. It paired fingerprint authentication with NFC technology by incorporating a fingerprint scanner into the card.

Next-generation fraud prevention and identity authentication solutions have come a long way from comparing signatures on sales slips. As the payments landscape evolves, it's important for banks and other merchant service providers to consider integrating these emerging methods to help drive customer retention and satisfaction.

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